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Umpire’s Little Helper

Indicator is a full-fledged baseball umpire indicator (also known as clicker or counter) for the iPhone and the iPod touch. The application looks and behaves just like a real indicator.

Count strikes, balls, outs and innings by tapping the revolving wheels. Alternatively, tap a number directly and correct the corresponding count using the pop-up keyboard.

Set your preferences so that each increment is accompanied by a typical clicking sound and/or a short vibration pulse (not available on iPod touch). This way, in particular strikes and balls can be counted without having to look on the display.


  • looks and behaves like a real indicator
  • count strikes (0-3)
  • count balls (0-4)
  • count outs (0-3)
  • count innings (0-9)
  • correction feature using the keyboard
  • configurable click sound
  • configurable vibration pulse

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