Support for Indicator

How can I reset one of the counters?
Either tap the corresponding wheel repeatedly until the counter switches to zero, or tap the value directly and enter zero using the keyboard.

Support for Übertime

How can I add a presence for a past day?
In the history tab's month view, select a day. In the day's view, tap "Edit" and you will be able to add, edit, or delete presences for that day.

How do I record a lunch break?
Just tap the start/stop button at the beginning and end of the break. A new presence will be created and the break is automatically recognized.

The export file contains only daily totals, not individual presences.
Increase the data detail level on the export tab.

When I'm on leave, will Übertime charge missing hours?
No, the daily target hours are only considered for days with at least one presence.

Where can I set the location of my office?
The location is automatically set (or updated) every time you record a presence with the location tag "office".