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Keep Track of Overtime

Put an end to unrecorded overtime and self-exploitation. Designed for employees of all kinds, Übertime is the easy-to-use personal time recorder with style.

5 out of 5 starsÜbertime received a top "5 of 5 stars" rating in iPhone&Co magazine's October 2010 issue!

Record presences, breaks, and remote working hours using Übertime's appealing one-touch punch interface. Once you punch in, a target time to leave is displayed, adjusted to your daily target hours.

Keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly overtime progress, all at a glance. Edit past presences, delete, or create new ones manually.

Set target hours individually for weekdays and record leave, public holidays, sick leave, and compensatory time. You can even set arbitrary target hours for each calendar day.

Configure numerous settings to suit your needs, and export your recordings as CSV, text, and Excel XML files.


  • single-button operation
  • records and remembers your office location, if you want it to
  • special days: leave, public holidays, sick leave, compensatory time
  • target hours for individual weekdays, special days, and calendar days
  • record start and end times precisely, including the current location
  • straightforward handling of breaks
  • displays your target leave time, depending on when you've started working
  • overtime shown for each day, week, and month
  • stylish yet useful, scrollable graphs
  • high resolution graphics for Retina display
  • export to CSV, text, and Excel files
  • lots of configurable options
  • localized in English, French, and German
  • and lots more

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